Building Authority on LinkedIn, How Can it Help Your Career Prospects?

May 22, 2020 by Jobozio

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, one that is often overlooked, in your job search efforts. Building authority on LinkedIn can be instrumental in helping you land the job that is sure to launch your career. The better you understand how to build authority, the more it can help you build your career prospects.

How to Build Authority on LinkedIn

There are four essential ways you can build authority on LinkedIn. Each way offers authority in different areas – all of which work together to make you appear to be a well-rounded professional.

Complete your profile. Ensure your profile is complete, reflects the career you want to build rather than the one you’re leaving behind, and offers a “big picture” view of your skills, talents, and abilities.

Connect with others in your industry. It doesn’t matter how many LinkedIn connections you have if none of them are in the industry in which you are attempting to build a career. Build connections strategically for the best possible impact.

Join and participate in numerous LinkedIn groups. Participation in career-related groups helps you build authority in the eyes of others and gives you new opportunities to build even more connections within your industry.

Publish career-relevant articles on LinkedIn. Take the time to generate well-written, authoritative articles in your industry and publish them frequently on LinkedIn to gain a large amount of attention within your industry.

What does All this Authority Accomplish?

Building authority with no goal in mind is pointless. Building authority on LinkedIn is the means by which you accomplish your goal of improving your career prospects. Once you’ve built your authority, make announcements about being in the job market, and discuss your ideal career. Before you know it, you might find that your new career has come to you rather than requiring you to chase it down.

When you are ready to make any move in your career, LinkedIn is one of the smartest places to begin your efforts. Build authority and credibility within your desired industry and see how quickly your new career path falls into place.

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